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Error Search Result: error_notification_0002


During axis motion, the Servo Drive Amplifier outputs a motion signal to the Servo Motor. Feedback from the Encoder or the Linear Scale is received by the Servo Drive Amplifier.

This alarm indicates that a fault has occurred on the Servo Drive Amplifier and Control Power will be disabled.

Corrective Actions:
  • At the control console, select Manual mode followed by the RESET SERVOS softkey. Error message should clear after a few seconds. If necessary, re-enable Control Power (press Power and Start pushbuttons) and repeat motion to see if error occurs again.
  • If error occurs again, open the Electrical Cabinet door (please observe all safety precautions for opening the electrical cabinet door with Machine Power enabled). This must be done with the error message still displayed.
  • Verify the alarm code displayed on the Spindle Drive Amplifier.
  • Use the Electrical Schematics to verify the connection of the encoder feedback harness to the Spindle Drive Amplifier. Reseat connector and retry
  • If issue persists, check Encoder connector at Spindle Motor. Reseat connector and retry.
  • If issue persists, open both ends of Encoder harness (at Spindle Motor and at Spindle Drive Amplifier) and verify wiring terminations at each pin. Resolder or replace harness.
  • If problem persists, replace Spindle Drive Amplifier.
  • If problem persists, replace Spindle Motor.