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Importing solid model files into WinMax allows you to program features directly of the model and automatically calculate transform planes.

Learn the basic soft key functions for Hurco's new import options.

Learn how to bring solids and DXF files into WinMax, cut pockets, holes, create transform planes, and more.

Learn how to bring solids and DXF files into WinMax, cut pockets, holes, create transform planes, and more.

Options & Features

In certain circumstances, harmonic buildup in the work piece may result in vibrations and a poor finish quality. Hurco's Spindle Harmonics Control allows users to automatically vary spindle speed and maintain a high quality finish without chatter.

Hurco makes it easy to start from anywhere in your program without additional code.

It's bleeding edge, it's voice activated, and it's here.

Hurco's constant engagement strategy is a game changer for increased tool life and smooth, full depth cuts, saving you time and money!

Faster, better looking, and with more user friendly features than ever before, Winmax will revolutionize your setup workflow.

Hurco's cutting edge technology allows for faster, smoother cutting, reduced cycle times, and adds numerous helpful features.

This tutorial walks you through the process of programming from solid model and 3d DXF files in the latest version Hurco's WinMax software. Learn how to automatically create transform planes and select the features you want to cut.

Check out the new NC Editor!

Experience the WinMax control on your desktop.

This video will teach you how to adjust feeds and speeds on the fly, then save them to your program automatically.


Hurco has partnered with APT to create this cutting edge, highly flexible set up for our TMM8i lathe.

Hurco has partnered with multiple vendors to create a truly innovative display cutting edge automation capabilities.

Ethernet only connections, 3D scanning and lighting fast turnaround demonstrate the power of Industry 4.0

Attendees lined up to be automatically scanned, and their 3d models were cut into a finished bust in no time.

2018 was a fantastic your at IMTS. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by our booth! We hope to see you again soon.

Hurco is partnering with BMO to bring turnkey automation to you. High mix, low volume customers will see tremendous gains in productivity with this incredible system, available directly through Hurco.