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Error When Initializing the Parameter Handling
  • Special case for MPx16: Firmware upgrade to higher firmware version. This error occurs once at first start of drive after firmware upgrade.
  • Control section configuration not allowed, because an optional module is not supported by firmware
  • Firmware used is not suitable, i.e. hardware and firmware do not match
  • Hardware defect on control section
  • According to instructions, put drive into ready-for-operation status again (see Application Manual ‘Firmware Replacement’). Drive can only be switched to operating mode again after control voltage once was switched off and on again.
  • Switch drive off and on again. If error occurs again, replace control section by different control section with appropriate configuration. If necessary, contact our service department
  • Select suitable firmware by means of Functional Description or Version Notes / Release Notes (see index entry ‘Supported control sections’)
  • Switch drive off and on again. If error still occurs, contact our service department and, if necessary, replace control section or entire drive controller
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