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Velocity Limit Value Exceeded
  • ‘S-0-0040, Velocity feedback value’ has exceeded the1.125-fold value of one of the parameterized velocity limit values
  • Velocity control loop unstable or too heavily oscillating due to incorrect parameterization
  • All firmware products not requiring export licenses released as of 2014-12-311) (functional packages ‘0: open-loop package’ or ‘1: closed-loop package’): The actual velocity values reached in open-loop operation correspond to an inverter output frequency ≥ 600 Hz. As regards firmware products not requiring export licenses, the velocity limit value is active in open-loop operation and closed-loop operation in the following versions and above: MPx02V38, MPx03V38, MPx04V50, MPx05V34, MPx07V38, MPx08V16
  • Check and, if necessary, correct parameterization of ‘S-0-0091, Bipolar velocity limit value’, ‘S-0-0038, Positive velocity limit value’ and ‘S-0-0039, Negative velocity limit value’. MPx06 and above: Within parameterized standstill window (S-0-0124), actual velocity is not monitored for resulting limits from S-0-0091, S-0-0038 and S-0-0039.
  • Check and, if necessary, correct parameterization of velocity controller
  • Check operability: Does the drive follow a preset velocity command value? If necessary, ensure operability by repeating commissioning. Open-loop operation:Check slip compensation. In the case of overcompensation, velocity feedback value can be higher than velocity command value. If necessary, reduce velocity command value or rated slip frequency (P-0-0600). Open-loop operation and closed-loop operation: Check whether inverter output frequency (P-0-0580) is ≥ 600 Hz. Check whether another connected motor ‘tows’ the motor to a higher velocity.
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