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Speed Loop Error
  • Motor phases (U, V, W) interchanged so that commutation of motor is incorrect
  • Incorrect encoder arrangement
  • Velocity loop setting incorrect
  • Commutation offset incorrect
  • Drive is operated in voltage-controlled form (without encoder; U/f control); with this drive function, velocity loop monitoring does not make sense
  • Motor encoder defective
  • Check motor cable connection and correct phase assignment, if necessary
  • Correct encoder arrangement (inverting rotational direction of encoder can possibly resolve problem
  • Check velocity loop setting according to Functional Description/Application Manual
  • Replace motor (in the case of MHD, MKD, MKE motors); in the case of kit motors, make commutation settings
  • Deactivate velocity loop monitoring in P-0-0556
  • Replace motor encoder (or motor)
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