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Interruption of Motor Phase
  • Lethal injury caused by coasting axis (torque disable)! Additional measures may be necessary to strop the axis.
  • Lethal electric shock by live parts with more than 50v! Observe the safety regulations when working/conducting checks at the drive controller/motor
  • At least one line phase of motor has not been connected to drive controller or line break has occurred
  • For a double-axis device, the two motor power connections were interchanged or generally incorrect axis assignment was made between motor and controller
  • Motor winding (U, V, W) has burned out
  • Voltage boost too low in U/f operation
  • Motor incorrectly parameterized
  • Check motor cable connection (check assignment motor connection↔axis). Check individual motor phases from connection at drive controller for line break and high ohmic resistance
  • Check whether assignment of motor connections is correct for the axes
  • Check motor winding by means of ohmmeter and replace motor, if necessary
  • Adjust P-0-0568 until magnetizing current flows at standstill (P-0-0440 corresponds to P-0-4004)
  • Compare motor data in drive to actual motor data (see also Functional Description of firmware ‘Rexroth Motors’ and ‘Determining the Parameter Values of Third- Party Motors’)
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