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Automatic Commutation: Iteration Without Result
  • The current generated during the automatic determination of the commutation offset could not cause any saturation effects in the motor. The required motor current is approx. 1.5 times the current at standstill (‘S-0-0111, motor current at standstill’)
  • Check if the controller is able to supply a sufficiently high current to the motor (see ‘S-0-0109, motor peak current’ and ‘S-0-0110, amplifier peak current’). If the maximum current of the controller is too low, exchange the drive controller for a bigger one – or – Change the position of the movable part of the motor in respect to the fixed part and restart command ‘P-0-0524, C1200 Commutation offset setting command’ – or – Contact the customer service and install an absolute measuring system if the motor does not permit automatic commutation
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